Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Coded

Lookie! It's on the DS Lite!

I wonder why they couldn't have done that to begin with? Most people I know don't think of using cell phones as a means to play games. Even if they DID play games on their cell phones, it's usually going to be something like Solitaire or Hearts. I just figure that if someone wanted to play portable video games, they'd use a handheld system. Then again, if I bothered using a cell phone, it's just to call people or to have a number to use for Get Paid To stuff.

Anyway, I have yet to hear of a successful cell phone game. Maybe it's just more popular in Japan, but cell phone games don't seem to have taken off in the US. No one seemed to care much about KH: Coded UNTIL it showed up at E3 as a remake for the DS system. Something about "3D" too. Now, it's showcased more often when it was an afterthought in the past.

Hell, even I'm mentioning it more often.

Maybe I should be mentioning RE: Chain of Memories more often too. Vexen's been waiting for months and he isn't known to be patient.

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