Saturday, June 19, 2010


Huur! I forgot about E3 until I saw an Amazon list about it. Then, I wondered, "what about Kingdom Hearts?"

According to, it's all mostly trailers, BUT there's this:

"Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded which is a Nintendo DS remake of the Japanese phone exclusive Kingdom Hearts CODED."

Uh-huh. NO ONE in the fandom gave a damn about Coded. Now? It looks like everyone is jumping on this. I'm wondering why this couldn't have been done to begin with. Most people(at least in North America) don't play games on Cell Phones unless it's solitaire. Since it's being re-made for the DS, I'm sure the fans are now far more interested. Wait...3DS? What is that?

Anyway, Birth By Sleep actually won stuff! Oh my! This is going to be some game, I'm sure. The buzz is now IMMENSE, and it's sure to stay that way for months to come.

There's a lot on KH Insider AND KH-Vids about E3. Both sites got makeovers! YAY! They look great!

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