Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fic rec: Marked and Hunted

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: Demyx/Zexion
Title: Marked and Hunted
Author: the.israel.project107
Warnings (if applicable): Mature, Alternate Reality
Author on LJ:
Author Website:
Why Must This Story Be Read? It's one of those fics where nothing matters because everything is so well done. This fic has a pairing I don't like, a premise I usually don't care for much, and certain things/interpretations that I don't agree with, but none of that matters because the writing is near professional quality. Yes, it's that good. Kind of rambles a bit, but it's one of those stories that you'd have a hard time "putting down"

Tasty Morsel:

A shift at the foot of the bed stirred him, a weight pressing the mattress down, a person. The blond dragged himself from the miring depths, frowning, opening bleary eyes, feathered head lifting from the pillow like a rock struggling to rise from the earth. Zexion had one bare foot up on the bed, tucked into the opposite thigh, the other leg hanging off the side as he gazed out the window, his face turned from the teen. It took a long moment for his presence to register in Demyx’s head, the blond sitting slowly, arms like lead, legs barely obeying. Zexion turned his head at the movement, stared at him dully, asked, “Did you do your reading like I asked?”

The blue-eyed male blinked, rubbed his face clumsily. “I forgot.” He pushed back the covers, slung his feet out, touched the hot wooden floor, scuffed, the rug in place, though the walls were plastered with posters, musicians, movies, bands, a couple of plays. His roll-top desk was open and waiting, the forgotten book lying within ready reach. The heat from the wood seared his soles distantly, and though Demyx was aware he was in pain, he couldn’t feel it sharply enough to let it override the urgency he had to read the book that his teacher had asked him to. The fact that the title was to do with history meant nothing to him; Zexion wasn’t confined to things like classes, subjects – if he had told Demyx to read it, then history must have been what he wanted him to learn, English be damned.

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