Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kingdom Star Ocean?

I haven't looked for anything about Birth By Sleep, but I get the feeling that there STILL isn't much on it. Maybe I should look a little harder. The "Big Three" are still linked here, so maybe I should pay a visit a little more often. I just find it interesting that 358/2 got the most attention while BBS is pushed aside. I can see that happening with Coded, but not something that contains some excellent graphics and is capable of generating a lot of buzz. 358/2 has certainly generated SOME buzz, but because I still have yet to play the game, I haven't looked.

Would you believe that I considered expanding this blog to include other games, like say, Star Ocean, especially "Second Evolution" or "The Second Story?" I figured that they have a lot in common, right? Different worlds, plucky heroes, interesting villains, "Heartless". Hah. Yea, right. This blog is about Kingdom Hearts, and it's been that way for two years. Sure, I should update the way I used to and actually FOLLOW the "To Do list", but that doesn't mean I should include any other games.

Combine Kingdom Hearts with the Star Ocean series? Tempting, but I think I'll pass. My Heart's not in it. I do have one though. Heh.

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