Friday, July 17, 2009

1st: RE: Chain of Memories

I played through until Axel. Took me a little over three hours, but this is because I tend to take breaks, and I was taking my time getting used to the card system.

It does indeed take a lot of getting used to, and I can see why people complained. However, it's not the nightmare that others might make it out to be. I found that instead of JUST DOING it instead of trying to think about what to do with the cards proved quite effective. Beyond the cards, it's not much different than the usual Kingdom Hearts battles.

The English voice for Marluxia is SMEX.

I didn't even know the world cards existed. In fact, it never occurred to me that you COULD go to different world, even though they are just illusions coming from Sora. I only knew of the Castle Oblivion stuff. I never noticed anything else. Youtube showed mostly Organization 13 stuff. At least that's what I looked for.

Quinton Flynn does fine as Axel, as usual. In fact, Axel is pretty much one of his defining roles and one of the best he's done.

"Hello" beat the hell out of "Yo!" But, I will always loved "BOO!" "Got it memorized" has gotten OLD, so I hope I won't be hearing it often in RE: COM.

And speaking of Axel, he just never holds still. LOL. In combat, he was easy, but I know better than to assume he stays that way.

I haven't gotten farther than that. Most of it was me just going up levels and fighting Heartless. I learned the hard way what it's like to be unprepared for major battles.

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