Sunday, April 12, 2009

Something I just thought of...

Since Advent Children Complete will be coming out soon, that's been on my mind a bit, but while looking for info on it(and for anything past Dirge of Cerberus), I began to wonder why the Turks are nowhere in Kingdom Hearts.

Yea, I just thought of that. I know they're not the most major of players, but Shinra is a huge force on the FF7 world, so if it were ever swallowed by the Heartless, I can see at least a couple of them survive and try to cash in. I know Rufus would. If he could survive the ray explosion, then he could certainly survive a few Heartless. Can you imagine Reno and Rude going up against, say, Axel? Axel vs. Reno. HOOOT!

Only problem is, what would be done with them? At least with Cloud, Sephiroth, Tifa, and Aeris, there's sort of a "ready made" story that can be included in Kingdom Hearts. Cloud's "darkness", Tifa looking for Cloud(like she did in FF7), Sephiroth just well, BEING, and Aeris being helpful worked around Sora's story. I'm not sure I can see that happening with members of Shinra since they tend to be close knit around each other. Reeve might be the only one who'd break away from the Shinra squad to help Sora, and even then, it would probably be in the form of Cait Sith. Yea, that's all Sora needs.

It's not like the Turks are unpopular, and they were decent foils against Cloud and co. I guess they're just not a match for the great Sephiroth.

Can you imagine Genesis in Kingdom Hearts? That would be interesting. Zack would have to be tossed in too since he is the "foil" for Genesis. Interesting parallel there--Zack/Genesis, Cloud/Sephiroth. Only, if Genesis had to take on Sephiroth, then Cloud and Sora can just sit back in Destiny Islands and drink a Pina Coloda or something. Oh, and eat popcorn because a Genesis/Sephiroth showdown would be a sight to behold for sure.

Anyway, I don't think anyone of Shinra will ever appear in Kingdom Hearts. It's mostly Disney, so obviously there can only be so many Final Fantasy characters. Never know though. That's what makes Kingdom Hearts so awesome. *smile*

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