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Top Ten Favorite Disney/KH worlds

As most people who've read this blog know, I tend to like lists quite a bit, and especially Top Tens. So, when I found this on

Top 15 Cover Songs of All Time.

I decided to simply go ahead and start a new Top Ten list of my own. This time of Disney/Kingdom Hearts worlds. I will using all three parts of Kingdom Hearts since there aren't really all that many worlds unique to the sequels.

10. Timeless River(KH2)--This world is a black/white world based on OLD Disney. It's when Sora deals with with Pete and his past. What makes it so interesting is that's it's basically an interactive museum for the Disney Classics of the Classics. Some of those cartoons feature are older than the hills. The battles here are a challenge, especially the old style cars, but they sure gave this world some flair, that's for sure. I never expected a world like this in ANY part of Kingdom Hearts.

9. End of the World(KH1)--While I perfectly HATED Chernabog(boss) in this world), I liked this world quite a bit. It's based on the worlds that lost their "hearts" to the Heartless. It's pretty straightfoward as you just jump over a bunch of rocks. Still, it's eerie, but nice to look at. Must be the purple.

8. Pride Lands(KH2)--Nomura supposedly considered this his favorite world. While it's on MY Top Ten list, it's not number 1. It's here because it is VAST and one of the more beautiful worlds in Kingdom Hearts. Sora turns a little lion here. Too cute, and actually forgettable thanks to what went on during the story, and the bosses are INTENSE.

7. Destiny Islands(KH1/2)---Where everything began for Sora/Riku/Kairi and fell apart. A small tropical paradise full of lighthearted games before the Heartless took over. In KH2, it's "back to normal", but there's a little more area to it. I just wonder where the adults are.

6. Atlanticia(KH1/2)--I didn't care much for the musical in KH2, but the world as a whole is a wonderful look at the Ocean from a different perspective than ususal. Dolphins would be blowing plenty of bubbles here and you have Sea World right in front of you. Sora is a Merman in both KH's. The battles in KH1 prove that Ariel is VERY useful and that a shark in a video game can still be very scary. Even Ursula didn't have that effect and she was no slouch as a major boss.

5. Neverland(KH1)--I loved this world. There's nothing like Sora and Co. flying around the Big Ben, that's for sure. Even there isn't much to it(the only other area included is Captain Hook's ship), it's an overall fun world and has a "to the point" story arc. Must be the flying thing.

4. Traverse Town(KH1)--Sort of a "base" for Sora, Donald, and Goofy. It's also a place for grinding levels. It's for people who have managed to escape the destruction of their own worlds thanks to the Heartless. It has three parts to it--one for resting/shopping and the other two for combat. Also includes a sewer system where "Leon" practices. It's the area that also includes important and touching scenes with Kairi. Obviously, it's a very important area, but it exists only in KH1/COM).

3. Twilight Town(KH2)--Sort of a Traverse Town, but mostly for Roxas' benefit. What I liked about this town was that it always seemed to have a sunset. It could be eight in the morning, and there would still be a sunset. It's almost like time stood still here. Sure explains the name though. Twilight Town basically holds the balance between light and darkness. Love that Clock Tower too. I can see why it would be a hangout for Roxas and all those who like to watch everything from above while staring at the eternal sunset.

2. Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden(KH1/2)--The first "end world" in Kingdom Hearts, and the center of Kingdom Hearts 2. It's similar to Traverse Town, only with much more sun. It's one of the most pivotal worlds in Kingdom Hearts PERIOD. This is especially true in Kingdom Hearts 2 where it's both a "home base" and a decisive battle ground. Nearly every major character (Disney, Final Fantasy, original, etc) has some kind of a stake here. It's almost like a "melting pot" of worlds, characters, and important plot points.

1. The World that Never Was--Full of darkness, but also full of technology, skyscrapers, and the glowing heart shaped moon that dominates the sky. It's the home "base" of Organization 13 and I personally consider it a playground for the likes of Axel and Demyx. Basically, TWTNW is Manhattan, only without the huge Castle that overlooks everything.

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