Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh noes!

Amazon says that COM: RE is back up for $27.00. Bleagh. Guess it'll be for Christmas.

Look what I sto-, I mean borrowed from KH Insider. It's the 358/2 interview that THEY got from CLOUD vol. 2:

How do you express "KH 358/2 Days" in a word?

A painfully sad story and bold system.
Hasegawa: A Kingdom Hearts everyone can play together.

(Painfully sad? Oh boy. I guess it'd be like Kingdom Hearts 2 then, but worse considering how things turned out in a lot of cases. I don't do multiplayer so "everyone playing together" means nothing to me).

Yamamoto: Careful scenarios! Crisp action! A cool collection!

(As opposed to what? Poorly thought out scenarios? Sluggish actions and Totally Uncool?" DUrr...)

—What does "KH 358/2 Days" mean for you?

Day after day of trial and error.

  An encounter with new friends.

Yamamoto: Because
of the new experiment with the multiplayer interaction, it was about
keeping the action itself in mind and sustaining a conventional feeling
on the DS hardware

(Like Nomura''s answer. Honestly, it sounds really cool).

How is "KH 358/2 Days" different than other games?

think with the stand alone story characteristics and the systematic
nature of the multiplayer, the ways people will enjoy the game differ
depending on the player.

Hasegawa: You can play as members of Organization XIII!

Yamamoto: In multiplayer mode, everyone will run about and play together, it's a fresh idea!

(Well, multiplayer is hardly new, but the WAY it's done in 358/2, I believe that. Too bad that doesn't say much because I'm sure some people are thinking, "But how?" My guess? Maybe Multiplayer has it's own story, so to speak and how it pans out depends on what characters are being played. Sounds enticing).

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