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Axel Day!

It's also the first day of the Olympics! Or, rather, the day of the opening ceremony! YAY! Also, KH Insider (who, in turn got the new info from The Light in Chaos) has even MORE stuff! Good. This time, it's a translated scan. I'll go ahead and talk about this one. The "pile" isn't exactly shrinking, but that's okay. That's just more stuff for me to blab about. Anyway(my stuff will be in italics):

[The gears of the 14th turn the axis around, centering on her tragic but brave fate"]

I wonder what that could possibly be. My guess? Yet another noble sacrifice that I could get from anywhere. Or, she is somehow killed. Maybe by Riku? Or even Roxas himself for whatever reason. I wouldn't put it past Axel to do it though. After all, he doesn't like people touching his "things".

[・Scene1 The name of the 14th member is "Shion".

Not appearing in KHII, No.14 of Organization XIII, "Shion". ]

Shion. Now I think of Shion Uzuki of Xenosaga fame. The spelling of "Xion", so I actually thought that the pronounciation was "ZION", like in Zionism.

[As for
Naminé knowing her, is it because she interferes with Sora's memory? Or
is it something else?

Naminé: "I wanted to meet you."

NaminĂ©: "Shion―――"]

Unless, I read some of the older info wrong, Xion is supposed to be connected to Kairi in some way. Either she's an extra Nobody for Kairi, or she's a Nobody that's somehow related to Kairi. I can see that interfering a bit with Sora's memory. Anyone connected to Kairi is sure to know Sora.

Does DiZ say the word "she" with some doubt?

Oh, I don't know. Is the Pope Catholic? Or maybe DiZ thinks she's a man or something. Meh, I haven't seen the trailer, so who knows? Why is this even a question?

[・Scene3 Two people wielding the Keyblade.

In front of Beast's Castle, Shion encounters Riku. Judging by Shion's
condition, pehaps the two have battled and she has lost?]

That wouldn't surprise me. Riku is formidable, even without the Ansem form.

[Riku calls her
a fake, regarding the Keyblade, and perhaps her character as well?]

Bwhahaha. Not much of a surprise. I rolled my eyes when I found out that Xion just so happened to have a Keyblade. Seems like everyone and their grandmother has a Keyblade now in the Kingdom Hearts world.

[Also, Riku removes his blindfold to verify the form of Shion, and in
that moment he appears surprised. Was their a clue in her appearance
about her original form?]

The screenshot of Riku doing that was awesome. He looked great. He's growing up to be quite a looker.

・Scene4 Shion faces the emotional brunt of Axel.

Oh, yes. That's one thing about Axel. He is very emotional. Always has been. That's why he, Roxas, and Demyx have always stood out in the Organization for that reason. Or, at least, Axel and Demyx do.

[In front of the haunted mansion in Twilight Town, Axel and Shion are in
conflict. Shion already has her Keyblade at the ready. Apparently,
Shion's behavior has angered Axel somehow...?]

Let me guess. She tried to touch one of Axel's "things". Namely Roxas. Then again, Axel is angry ALL THE TIME.

[Shion removes her hood in
this scene, her face can't be confirmed but her hair appears black or
dark blue.]

Aqua's Nobody, but then why would she be called "Xion"? Unless, SHION also has a water meaning. I don't speak Japanese, so I don't know. She's still a mystery anyway.

[Axel: "I'll bring you back no matter how many times you escape."

Axel: "Don't joke with me."]

Uh huh. She probably doesn't want to be in the Organization, so tries to escape. So, Axel is some sort of "enforcer" in the Organization. That's Saix's job too. Heavenly Bodies From Hell. I seriously doubt it's because he cares all that much about her.

[Challenge a mission alongside a member of Organization XIII.

The duty of the members of Organization XIII is to recover hearts from
the Heartless. The other members work alongside Roxas...! By the way,
Axel is in charge of educating Roxas, so he helps out by accompanying
Roxas on missions. Axel keeps an eye out for Roxas.

Axel: "I'm the person in charge of your education, so I'll be around."]

Bwhahahahah...well, yea. That's no surprise. The fandom has long had that theory and they were right. It makes sense because Axel, despite being a grown man, CAN relate to those like Roxas. It's not like he's that much older anyway. As I've said in an FST, he's old enough to provide wisdom and experience, but young enough to effectively reach out to those like Roxas. Plus, Roxas would be responsive and be unlikely to protest.

[A mission where you sneak in secretly.

Beast: "I do not allow the Heartless to have their way in my castle."

Xaldin: "Would you look at that guy's ugly form? No doubt it's the Beast himself."

Xaldin: "Hm... Is this really his castle...? Roxas, just ignore this guy and go for it."]

Oh my. That's Xaldin for you, but going from other pieces of info, it's obvious now that he clearly HATES working with others. That should have been clear for awhile. And yes, it's no shocker that Xaldin is a bit on the snarky side. He'd do well as a judge on Project Runway or Shear Genieus.

[・with Axel

Axel is good at long distance flame attacks. Will he help out when
Roxas is in a bind?]

Do rabbits fuck? Do bears shit in woods? Is water wet? Is this Axel day?

[Also, after the mission is over, they go to
Twilight Town clock tower. An episode seemingly connected to KHCoM is
shown. By the way, in the battle screen a Heartless that looks like a
large ice cube could possible be confirmed.

Axel: "You're a friend, so I'm telling you, go to Castle Oblivion sometime tomorrow."]

And do what, exactly? Guess we'll find out soon enough.

[In order to accomplish the mission, you must solve a puzzle in the map.
Pay attention to the edges, for instance. When you're in the suspicious
area of the green square mark, a [!] or [?] field icon appears.]


[A story related to the rebuilding of Sora's memory? A picture of Axel's scene was released too. "No matter how many times you escape, I will bring you back." However, his target is plural...]

Plural? You mean there's more than one he's going after? We all know that he went after Roxas. So, it's just those two? That's too obvious though.

[Interesting stuff, wonder why none of the bloggers mentioned the mission with the 14th member.]

Probably because of that damned puzzle. Or maybe no one cares enough. I don't know, but honestly, maybe there just wasn't anything to say about it. Roxas goes on a mission with her. Yay.

What about other ORG 13 members? I know that those in Castle Oblivion don't last long enough for much of 358/2, but what about Demyx? Xigbar? Luxord? Hell, what about Xenmas? Nothing on these four whatesoever. I mean, there was footage of Xigbar and Saix in combat, but no Demyx or Luxord. Not that I saw at least. Poor Demyx. :(


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