Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm just curious here, but does anyone remotely care about Coded? I know that cell phone games are on the rise, but I'm not really sure of much of the KH fanbase actually cares. Then again, I could be wrong given this:

KH characters RULE Cell phone wallpapers. And according to, they've been doing pretty damned often. Heh. Never expected that, but then again the KH fandom is HUGE and quite dedicated for the most part. It'll only dominate further once the newer wallpapers come in.

I've never bothered will wallpapers myself, unless they're for my comp, but I can see why they're popular. Those are WALLPAPERS, so it stands to reason that a cell phone KH game could do quite well.

Oh, Coded. Well, who knows? Maybe it'll be much better than I think it will be. You never know.

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