Sunday, December 2, 2007


Lighting pics, on the other hand, were very easy to find. Now to use the pic for the banner. I'm thinking background too, as a possibility because it is pretty! Only problem is that such backgrounds would make it rather difficult for people to read the text, unless I somehow make a background that can have something "blank" in the middle and the lightning on the sides. Either way, this pic will be used for the Larxene banner. Yea, I'm slow, as usual, but I'll do it, especially since I've shown this pic.

I did find a couple of Larxene screenshots too. Honestly, I'm not surprised she isn't too available online. She's not too popular in Org 13. I hope it's not because she's female. Course, it could be because she's a Bitch Goddess. Heh.

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