Sunday, November 11, 2007

Marluxia Day

Yes, I know I missed a day, but like I said before, it looks like the fandom itself is kind of "sleeping" for right now.

Anyway, I'll just revise the "to-do" list before procrastinating again. Heh:

1. Top Five most glorious Battles--Re: COM/KH2
2. Axel/Demyx shipping manifesto (Might as well).
3. More could have been done with Demyx.
4. "Luxord could have done more." (Yea, and the same could be said for Demyx).
5. Xaldin banner.
6. KH Icons!
7. Axel/Demyx/Roxas and why the hell is this my "OT3"? And no, it's not because I'm "lazy".
8. Post "Meme/Survey" results
9. Five most touching Kingdom Hearts moments.
10. Five most PAINFUL Kingdom Hearts moments.
11. Luxord Banner for October
12. Character reviews/ratings(this was one of the reasons why this blog is even here!!!!!)
13. (Yay, back up to 13). Organization 13 and "Personality Disorders".

Since Organization 13 members have no Hearts, then that would make them all sociopaths/psychopaths one way or the other. Still, each member seems to have a "personality disorder" of their own. I tend to be fascinated by stuff like this, and hey, why not have another "peg" on the to-do list.

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