Wednesday, November 14, 2007


"Hey everone, it seems as though Jbook has updated their websites stating the new release date to be in January of 2008, and willl be causing 1714 Yen (Approximately $15.50) .

However don't let this release date get your hopes up, because there is some other information , such as about the postponement. Square-Enix wishes to release the book in the summer at the end of May, however that is still being decided.

This time however instead of it focusing on COM, and KH2 they plan on doing all the Kingdom Hearts series, from Kingdom Hearts 1, all the way to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+!"

Oh nice! I try to avoid getting artbooks because I end up reselling some of them(not always a bad thing since the rare sorts would go for quite a bit), but I'd consider getting this one. Heh.

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