Friday, November 16, 2007


"Hayden Panettiere is a wanted woman - Japanese authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the Heroes star. The 18-year-old actress violently clashed with Japanese fishermen recently as she tried to save hundreds of dolphins from slaughter. The star was almost stabbed by fishing hooks aimed at the protestors during the protest, but felt compelled to show her opposition to the mass killing, which turned the sea red with blood. And now Panettiere is wanted by Japanese police. She says, "I learned today that I have an arrest warrant out for me in Japan because of what I did for Save the Whales." And the beauty is not scared of being sent to jail - because they'd have to catch her first. She adds of the incident's repercussions, "Potentially jail, but I doubt it... I guess they could come here and get us, but probably not." "

She does the voice of Kairi. Seems like she fits the character quite well. I can see Kairi doing the same thing.

There's a lot of BLAHS over this on IMDB:

"Let this be a lesson to the rest of you self-righteous do-gooders who think you can do what ever you want in the world without getting away with it, well not this time. hopefully she will spend a nice amount of time in jail unlike the celebrities do over here."

Wanna bet he's a sociopath?


Yea, so it's okay to kill them inhumanely.

Honestly, I tend to look more towards HUMAN rights than animal rights, but like I said, these dolphins die slow and painful deaths. I can see how she'd(and others of similar beliefs) fight against that, but in Japan, dolphin slaughtering acceptable behavior, so she DID break the law and has to be held accountable for it, even though it sucks(but, hey, that's why you fight certain laws). As of now, all she has to do is NOT go to Japan as I doubt this is a extraditable offense.

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