Thursday, October 4, 2007

A contest from

From Xaldin:

Nothing special, this is just a little competition for fun, that I talked over with a few people via PM.

Either way, since we were utterly devastated that despite how much Nomura said that the new KH Project would be shown at TGS, that all of it was all behind Closed Doors, worst of all Square-Enix had a new ticket system which basically knocked a lot more KH fans that went to TGS unable to see the trailer behind closed doors.

Anyways, I thought it'd be a little bit fun to have a KH fan trailer, for the 3 games, and just because we don't have clips of the new game, doesn't mean it's not possible to make a Teaser. I'll be choosing the top trailer, for the 3 games, there are only a few rules towards it.

1: It has to be video clips from any of the Kingdom Hearts series.
2: You can submit the file in anyway (E.G Youtube, ect), but please provide a download, incase it's the one that's chosen.
3: Be creative and don't steal other's works!
4: Submissions will end on October 20th 2007

I doubt the third one will be a problem, unless you take a video from someone who's already made a fan trailer a while ago.

Although there's probably no chance we'll have a price ready, you never know, I'll be sure to update if that becomes possible.


There already are some fan trailers made, bvt not very many. I'm pretty sure that the official trailers would be shown at Jump Festa, but who knows with Square. Might be a closed room yet again. I guess they do that to prevent too much leakage.

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