Saturday, October 13, 2007

Axel and "Red Flags"

Ah, I tend to adore Axel. Well, sometimes. I blow hot and cold with him. Just like Demyx. Still, I seriously doubt I'd want him as much of anything other than someone I could just get along with if he existed in real life. I seriously doubt I'd have him as a boyfriend because I think he would hit more than two of the RED FLAGS listed here.

Here's the ones I think he would hit(poor Roxas):

When you get into an argument, he tells you to, "Read Machiavelli's 'The Prince' so you can learn to deal with assholes like me." (Oh, come on, this is obvious).

He directly endangers your life by driving drunk. (Sadly, I can see Axel doing this).

He is domineering and selfish in bed. Gives you orders. "Touch me" "Look at me" "Tell me how much you want me." He won't get off unless you are doing these things. Sex is NOT a sensual experience for him. He doesn't understand that you are a human, have feelings, need to be treated gently, etc. Sex is just another method of him proving his greatness. And if you don't get off, he'll be upset. Not because he genuinly cares about you; but because he didn't live up to his false sexual alter ego. King of the Satin-Sheet Throne, if you will. (You bet he'd do this! Poor Roxas. Poor anyone paired with him).

If you ever once, just for one second, see a frightening, mad, staring-eyed look on his face that isn’t the result of something at least as horrifying as him having just been bitten by a venomous snake (i.e if you’ve just suggested you both visit some friends of yours) then no matter how fleeting it was or how deeply you think you care for him, either run for the hills or change the locks (depending on whose house it is). Ignore this one and it could cost you your life. (When I first read this one, I imagined Axel. I wonder why...)

He wants to have sex when you are sick, with no regard for how you feel. These are the same kinds of people who will tell you that they require sex or a sexual act daily to be fulfilled, with no regard for their partner's state of mind or arousal. (Axel is selfish).

Something about him "creeps out" or unnerves other friends or family members.

He seems like "a challenge", or a "diamond in the rough".

After only one or two dates, gets overly possessive. Calls constantly, sends gifts, shows up at work.


Yea, that's quite a few. Heh.

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