Friday, August 31, 2007



[EGM is on the move again with "something without confirmation" coming out of their mouths.

E.G.M.: Electronic Gaming Monthly
October 2007, Issue 220
Page 60

Heart attack
The Kingdom Hearts series gets the chests of Disney and Final Fantasy nerds pumping. But the lack of news about the series is likely giving these superfans a stroke. No need to get a medic---my mousey mole has some info that may pump 'em up. Square Enix is apparently planning a compilation of Kingdom Hearts prequels (similar to what it's doing with Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XIII) on various systems and handhelds.]

I don't blame Tomogirl for being a bit peeved. If what EGM claims proves to be false, then you can bet that a lot of people would be very displeased. As for trust, well, it IS a gaming magazine, but that doesn't make it immune to being gullible or a little too hopeful. Then again, they DID say "Mousey Mole", so maybe Mickey Mouse told one of the writers in a dream. He IS an imaginary rodent, after all. So, the article could just be wishful thinking taken as fact.

It's fall, btw, and Demyx month starts tomorrow with Demyx/Xemnas. Yay. Also, Labor Day. Yay. No mention of the Final Mix ever appearing in the US, and I figure that it's okay. All the more $$$$$ for Persona 3. Yea, I'm saying this on a Kingdom Hearts Blog. Har. Har. Har.

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