Sunday, July 8, 2007

Piece of Nomura intterview

Kh-Insider(linked at the side of blog, in case you missed it), was nice enough to provide this little tidbit:

""The world of Versus XIII might be a little closer to my personal taste than Kingdom Hearts, but the entire project owes something to Kingdom Hearts as well. When I first began KH I was part of the FF core team, and tried to bring elements of that into the development. The KH team was always inspired by FF, and I’d like to see that reversed. But as for the differences between KH and FF, KH is a lighter world of magic, fantasy, and people doing good things. I’ve been in that world for a very long time – perhaps too long.""

I have yet to see anything about VS 13, so I can't say anything about that. Seems that Nomura wants to see a KH inspired Final Fantasy World. Or, something like that. Like, instead say, Cloud being in a KH world, Xemnas would be in a Final Fantasy World. Or something. Either that, or a high tech Kingdom Hearts world, which would be SWEEEEET. Kind of like Sora Midgar sort of thing. Hey, I'd like that, especially if it gets Axel behind the wheel of a car.

But, yea Kingdom Hearts is more lighthearted, and I think that's because of Disney, but Disney isn't always sweetness and perfection either(I'm looking at the Little Match Girl). Still, a darker, more techie Kingdom Hearts would be quite interesting to day the least.

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