Thursday, July 5, 2007

Canon Litmus Test

Uh oh, according to this test made by Libekory, (one of the maintainers of Kingdom Hearts Fanfic archive) , my Kingdom Hearts OTP would have failed the "Canon Litmus Test". Oh my!

Axel/Demyx have ZERO canon interaction in the game, so everything is "between the scenes", so to speak. Worse yet, in my case, I started shipping them before I played the game. Yes, I knew the game was out, knew who Axel was, and was WELL aware of Axel/Roxas, but browsing through YouTube made me see who Demyx really was, and you see the result.

Since playing the game, my OTP hasn't changed. Instead, it gave rise to my OT3(Axel/Roxas/Demyx), and the ability to stick my middle finger at the "canon". When it comes to the fandom, I really don't care if my stuff "pollutes" the fandom or not. The canon respecting works are often no better anyway, and even if they were, I'm here to have fun, not to adhere to things that I don't take seriously.

Also, most Kingdom Hearts pairings would have failed the "litmus test". Not that it makes the canon/more believable pairings worth acknowledging. Then again, at least my former OTP/Ot3(Riku/Sora, Destiny Trio) were more feasible, but I've done nothing with them, and don't intend to either. Still like them lots though.

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